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On Google Maps look for Corep Iberica and immediatally you will know were we are We are located about 100Km north of Lisbon Directions to: Zona Industrial do Casal Areia or even Alcobaça From Lisbon take the A8 / IC1 towards north (Leiria) Exit 22 Nazaré / Alcobaça GPS 39° 36′ 36.19″ N 8° 59′ 12.35″ W
Please Look for this building or phone us - indications are poor. Tel. +351262 545439
Address: Corep Iberica, Lda Rua G Lote 33 - Zona Industrial do Casal da Areia 2460-392 Cós Alcobaça Portugal ----- Tel: +351 262 545 439 - Fax: +351 262 545 440 ----- GPS 39°36'22.1"N 8°59'09.0"W Google Maps 39.606150, -8.985839  IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that some of the products shown in our site might not be available at the time of viewing. We develop the ranges in close collaboration with our clients and our partners, so we may protect them after selection in accordance with the agreements made. The same strategy will be applied for future clients with their own selection or developments. Manufactured in Portugal


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