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Design is today a strategic management discipline, an approach to innovation essential for companies that plan their future. Innovation through design means anticipating new customised user experiences by creating tomorrow's services and products to enable companies to differentiate themselves and go further, faster. Alain PETIT 1988 4 design Le design est aujourd’hui une discipline de management stratégique, une approche de l’innovation essentielle pour les entreprises qui réfléchissent à leur avenir. Innover par le design, c’est anticiper les nouveaux usages des clients en créant des services et des produits de demain pour permettre aux entreprises de se différencier et d’aller plus loin, plus vite. Alain PETIT 1988 4 design
Alain Petit founder and owner of Corep Lighting



We manufacture Lampshades since 2010. With a production of 1000 per day. However we make small series and hanmade products. We are continuously developing our range of decorative lamps in Ceramic, Wood, Metal, glass, stone, and cork. Only from the best sources Installed at the region of Alcobaça (100 Km north of Lisbon) we have a production unit with 3.000 m2. Maintaining a fully European production. With our own Corep developed machinery all the tasks are made simple, and the product achieves high standards at very reasonable prices.
Being part of the Corep Lighting group of companies we take the most of the group synergies in therms of buying for raw materials, certification and technology. However each branch is independent commercially and operationally, taking the most a it's geographic location and human resources. Ins We have specific tasks for the assembly of lamps together with shades Following the market norms and standards. Optimum packaging, and deliver to your business as per your specifications. We keep deliveries on time.
THE TEAM is important!! this guy only puts it together.
Filipe Pereira MD - Corep Iberica, Lda
We have a service that goes beyond the simple making of the goods. Following project development from scratch until full completion, aiming the best quality/price ratio always complying with the EC regulations. All our lamps have the wiring certificate and for the UK we have the CLARE test made piece by piece as required.
Address: Corep Iberica, Lda Rua G Lote 33 - Zona Industrial do Casal da Areia 2460-392 Cós Alcobaça Portugal ----- Tel: +351 262 545 439 - Fax: +351 262 545 440 ----- GPS 39°36'22.1"N 8°59'09.0"W Google Maps 39.606150, -8.985839  IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that some of the products shown in our site might not be available at the time of viewing. We develop the ranges in close collaboration with our clients and our partners, so we may protect them after selection in accordance with the agreements made. The same strategy will be applied for future clients with their own selection or developments. Manufactured in Portugal


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